Rotate Video HD

Quick and easy, rotate video 90° clockwise, 90° counter clockwise or 180°.

Don’t let recording video at wrong angle ruin your precious moment, let Rotate Video HD fix it!


  • Why the video is played correctly on my phone but not with player on my PC?

    From version 1.2, use Compatible mode to export. Or use QuickTime Player, it is FREE!

  • Why Rotate Video HD needs permission to use my location?

    By using the new feature since iOS 4.0, we can load video files from your album without the need of re-compressing them. However, user must explicitly grant permission of location service. This is solely used to enable Rotate Video HD to load and fix your videos without any quality loss.

  • I disabled permission of location information after installation, now it does not load any video and does not ask again?

    Please launch Settings App, select General, then Location Services and turn Rotate Video HD on.

  • I am still not comfortable of granting the permission of location services, can I still be able to use your app?

    From update 1.1, you have the option of using the old API to load videos without permitting location service. Just disable location service for Rotate Video HD, it switches to old API automatically.